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Guess who's back?

Back Again...

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I've come to the conclusion, that I hate myself more than anyone could ever hate me, and that I don't deserve food so I'm fasting.

Day 12 of the Ana Olympics....

I'm watching "How to look good naked" on telly. This guy gets everyones morale up, and makes them feel good about themselves, and their bodies. I wish I could feel good.

Anyway, I'm water and green tea fasting, woo hoo lol. I decided that while I'm fasting, I might as well do it for a good cause. For Darfur, millions go through the horror of actual starvation. I'm showing solidarity, and trying to experience what they go through everyday.

Day 8 of the Ana Olympics...

We found out who was winning today, and guess what.....
It's ME!!!!!! AH AH AH AH AH AH

Ok water and green tea fast, for this last week. I need to lose more weight lol... I at least want to get into the 140's

Writer's Block: Sarah Palin?

Is Sarah Palin a shrewd choice for the Republican Party, or is she a liability?

Did you just say republican in my presence?
Mccain and Palin are not my cup of tea. He mentions Obama and Osama in the same sentence, and acts like he's not got a little Herman Goerring running around, making people subconsciously believe in things that are complete B.S

WTF.. oh and Day 7 of the Ana Olympics

So I have 800 cals, I run 2.8 miles, I don't cheat.
Then I gain, I gained .2 of a pound yesterday. HOW?
Ah whatever, today is the 600 cald day, so I hope I lose...

I might have hit a plateau but tomorrow is a fasting day, so I will lose. Today is Day 7 of the Ana Olympics and so far in a week(just about), I've lost 8.2 pounds, which isn't too bad.

I still have to make my silver ribbon, and post my progress pics, which I'll hopefully get done either today or tomorrow. People have been commenting on my weight loss, so it must be noticable. I just can't understand, I lose .4 one day, then gain .2 the next. WHY!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I hope everyone is well

Day 6 of the Ana Olympics..

I only lost .4 of a pound yesterday, so let's hope when I weigh tomorrow, I've lost more.
I ran my usual 2.8 miles and I've had 800 cals today, so I'm hoping for a loss of a pound or so tomorrow.

If that happens, then I can just about say that I will be down to my 2nd goal weight within the next few days.
I want to be into the 130's by the time this month is over, that would give me 3 months to lose at most 25 pounds.
8.3 pounds a month, that should be easy enough. Especially, because I'm getting down to a "healthy" weight, it will be harder to lose.

I hope everyone is well...


Chew and Spit, the story of my life

Day 5 of the Ana Olympics, is nearly over

Lying in bed, feeling a little sick but alright I guess
I'm sick and tired of this, I just want to be normal, but what is normal, normal is what society says it is, and that's why I am the way I am now.

Tomorrow, I should be slimmer. I ran 6.2 miles and have had 798 calories.

I hope everyone is well